The Corners


'The Corners' by Chris Dorley-Brown. 96pp, hardback with cloth spine and back cover, fine art paper, 243 x 291mm.

These hyperreal photographs of East London street corners are a unique documentation of an ever-changing landscape. Using multiple exposures, Chris Dorley-Brown plays out different narratives simultaneously, creating dream-like scenes that lie somewhere between fiction and reality.

Chris Dorley-Brown has been living and working in East London for over 20 years. He sett up his own photographic practice in 1984  and has since expanded his activities to film-making and radio and has worked as a sound designer for BBC Radio 3. The Corners is Chris’ third photography book.

Book design by Friederike Huber.

This is the first edition.

ISBN: 978-1-910566-32-9 

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