Shoreditch Wild Life (Book 4: East London Photo Stories)


Book 4 from the series 'East London Photo Stories'. 

‘Shoreditch Wild Life’ by Dougie Wallace. 176pp hardcover, quarter-bound, gold foiled,199 x 139 mm

Wild, brash, outrageous and laced with humour, Dougie Wallace's unflinching photos capture the extreme variety of street life in one of London's most iconic and colourful areas: Shoreditch.

East London-based photographer Dougie Wallace grew up in Glasgow (hence his moniker ‘Glasweegee’). Internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct style of expressive street photography, his work has extensively been featured in international publications including The New York Times and Germany’s Stern Magazine. 

ISBN: 978-0-9576998-4-7



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