BOOK CLUB (Save 20%): East London Stories



*Please note, this item is not included in our Black Fox Weekend sale. Book Clubs already include savings.*

Save 20% by joining our book club

BOOK 10 Sunday Football
BOOK 11 Along the Hackney Canal
BOOK 12 Adventures in the Lea Valley
BOOK 13 Dalston in the 80s 
BOOK 14 - The Crash

Join our East London Book Club and save 20% on the latest SIGNED four photo books. Putting money towards future books helps us to keep going. Thank you. 

Important note: please use the drop-down menu to choose (carefully!) which books you want in your subscription.  We only offer the latest books and not older books because our discount is a reward for you having faith in our future! Email us with any queries: info(at)

This subscription applies only to the 'East London Photo Stories' collection all of which are the same size and form a set. It does not apply to our illustrated range or larger books such as MAKERS OF EAST LONDON. We aim to release 2-3 books from this series each year. 

What you get:

Four East London Photo Stories books signed by the artists 

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